Family Friendly Seafood Restaurant in Montauk

On behalf of Westlake Fish House staff/family we would like to offer a note of thanks to those that continue to be the most-needed helpers each day and every day, essential workers and frontlines working for the greater good of our communities.

Why are we frequently named one of the "Best Restaurants in Montauk"

Located in Montauk, Westlake Fish House is the go-to place for fresh Sushi, 2019 award winning New England chowder, and the famous Westlake Burger. We are located in the Westlake Marina, right beside the docks, and our proximity to the water should assure you that the seafood we serve is as fresh as possible.

We love our customers, and we loved to provide you with a great casual dining experience combined with the best seafood in Montauk.


  • Thank you for all your support this season, have a good fall/winter, we will see you May 2024

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